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The MOD over at lesbian, venusflesh.

I dont have three examples, I have a whole HUGE post the cocksucker made herself.



Hi all, and welcome to the newly-built public service announcement, outing all the crazies on LJ one by one.  I hope you will enjoy your stay here and more importantly, remember that you are helping to make the world a safer and more secure place for the minority sane lesbians.

Just some important info regarding this community:

ALL posts are moderated - what would happen if the crazies were allowed to just post as they pleased?  This place would end up something like


 already is.

ALL applications for membership of this community is moderated and we are on the look out for sock puppetry.

and now for the fun stuff....

Before you out someone you MUST MUST MUST provide three separate examples of craziness from your lesbian community before someone can be considered a true lesbian nutter.  They must also not be personally involved with you or have ever been personally involved with you for the past three years.  We will NOT accept tit for tat postings because you just split up - guys, it's life grow up and move on - otherwise you will BOTH be labelled lesbian nut jobs.  Photographic evidence is always welcome...

Nuttiness cannot be revoked.